The Thompson Duo at the Jean Fischer Medical Benefit

McHenry Moose Lodge #691, 3535 N Richmond Rd, Johnsburg, Illinois 60051

Jean was diagnosed with Diabetes over 30 years ago. While living with this disease has always seemed manageable, it has done a number on her kidneys. This May, we learned that she is experiencing kidney failure. Working together, her kidneys are only functioning at 11%. She began kidney dialysis immediately in June and has been on a 3-day per week regimen every week since. Medical expenses are growing tremendously, as dialysis is a very expensive, life-sustaining, treatment. We have made several visits to transplant centers across the Midwest to get on various transplant lists. While we wait for a kidney to become available, which could be 5+ years down the road, there are several health and financial hurdles Jean will face, and once she receives a transplanted kidney, her medical expenses will only increase. For post-op prescription drugs alone, she will be paying around $1,500 every month out-of-pocket for the rest of her life!